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Tax information

info fiscale

Our company entitles you to

50% credit tax

on the sums paid.

These Services and these deductions are accessible to any individual wishing to have their garden maintained. For gardening services, the amount of the annual ceiling per tax household is limited to 5,000 euros, i.e. a maximum reduction or tax credit of 2,500 euros. Possibility of paying by pre-financed CESU check.

In order to benefit from this tax advantage, Noé jardin services will send you, at the beginning of each year, a detailed tax certificate of your expenses which you attach to your declaration of income.

Our services therefore only cost you half of what you paid!

(article 199 sexdecies of the General Tax Code).

Le Crédit d’impôt

Non-taxable persons who are tax payers domiciled in France.

  • The tax reduction is applicable in all cases.

Payment in cash

does not entitle you to

tax advantages

Benefits entitles you to limited tax assistance|| |312

Activités Maximum spending limit Tax assistance of 50% per year and per household depending on your status
Small DIY benefit known as “all-hands man” 500 250
Computer and internet assistance at home 3000 1500
Small gardening work 5000 2500



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