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Watering your garden: Quite an art!

In spring and summer, watering is not done not at the same time of day for a simple reason: the heat is not the same.

While in spring it is preferable to water in the morning, in summer it is strongly recommended to water in the evening.

This habit of good watering helps avoid wasting water (good point for the environment!).


Make an organic cover against frost

To prevent the risk of frost, a natural and organic cover preferably covers the plants. To preserve the roots, spread the mulch over 10 cm from the base of each plant.
Mulch can be composed in different ways, with:

  • pine bark
  • pine thorns
  • wood shavings
  • de la tourbe

The mulch has a more or less long decomposition time during which it protects the plant and the roots it covers from the cold.

Entretien espace vert Lille
Entretien espace vert Lille

Size of the shrubs and conifers

Now is the time to do some light pruning before winter and reshape their silhouette. Our teams are at your disposal.


Gardening in the vegetable garden in January: prepare the soil, plant and sow

The leek must be protected from excessive heavy frosts with a good layer of straw or leaves.

Do a good plowing integrating the manure previously deposited into your soil.

You can plant garlic and garlic bulbs. shallot. Under a heated frame, you will sow carrots. Under cover, you can sow spring lettuce.

Prepare the trenches for planting asparagus in spring.

Now is the time to check the expiration dates of your seeds , and clean your polka dot or pole bean stakes with iron sulfate or bleach.

Entretien espace vert Lille
Entretien espace vert Lille

Switch to electric hedge trimmer for all!

Concerned about the environment, we have renewed our range of hedge trimmers with electric ones for more comfort. They are lighter, easier to handle, easier to maintain and above all less noisy!


How to get rid of pests?

To eradicate powdery mildew or dry downy mildew, downy mildew, scab, rust and damping off, spray the plants as soon as the disease appears with semi-skimmed milk to avoid the rancid odors of whole milk.

This is an excellent fungicide. Mix equal quantities of milk and water which you will apply every 3 days at the first signs.

For the boxwood moth: You can fight the caterpillars perfectly with an organic insecticide based on spinosad .


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Entretien espace vert Lille

How to maintain your lawn?

Watering: Do not water often but abundantly and deeply

Watering too frequently prevents roots from growing downward in search of moisture. The lawn then becomes very sensitive to drought. Water in the evening or at night very generously (4 to 5 L of water per m2).

Mowing: Mow at the right time

In spring and in autumn, periods of active growth, mowing every 10 days is the rule. If you mow too infrequently, mowing will be more difficult and take much more time. Wait until the lawn is dry, so don't intervene too early in the morning: the cutting will be much more effective and your neighbors will thank you!|| |415


How to take care of your garden during a heatwave?

Create shade: On sufficiently low plants, provide some shade by placing upside down crates, which allow sufficient air to pass through but filter the sun.

Hoe and weed: Hoeing allows you to break the crust which forms on the soil during periods of drought and which retains water from watering, preventing it from penetrating to the roots. Hoe before watering and not after.

Water your plants copiously every day, in case of water restriction, optimize watering by watering every 3 days, but the as abundant as possible.

Mulch: During heatwaves, mulching the soil is more important than ever. But be careful, during periods of intense heat, to be truly effective, the mulch must be spread in a very thick layer: 10 cm at least, 15 to 20 cm ideally.


Entretien espace vert Lille
Entretien espace vert Lille

What to do against weeds?

The growth of unwanted plants is common and remains a natural phenomenon.

In the first weeks, some will disappear following mowing or frost.

Others, tougher, can continue their development, or even proliferate. If this is the case, contact your landscaper!




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